Why Consultants Love OperaCare

Published: 1/1/0001

Home Health Consultants play a key role in our industry.  Like the saying goes…  “You don’t know what you don’t know”.

While clinical consultants often add value to the agencies they serve, the information they use to teach your agency was probably received from a recent conference.  OperaCare is programed straight from CMS regulations and the Medicare benefit policy manual.

When you use OperaCare, our consultants monitor your OASIS submissions in addition to our software.  OperaCare will suggest changes to the OASIS document using over 400 algorithms and data mining processes.  Additionally, we will monitor your submissions and provide feedback and training in areas where errors or trends are identified.

OperaCare’s system streamlines your QA process, allows yours nurses to stop working after hours and weekends, and agency owners to sleep better knowing there won’t be audit from CMS.