Published: 1/1/0001

Fifty percent of the agencies logging into the HVBP portal this week will be the proud recipients of a 1-3 % bonus, while the other 50% will be left to figure out how to sustain their operations under a 1-3 % reduction in reimbursement.

The HHVBP reduction when paired with MedPac’s 0.97 % reduction will leave many scrambling and seeking a new direction this January, and this is the intent of CMS.

Agencies in the penalty zone need not worry as simple proven changes to processes by and systems will return the 3%, plus a little more. If you’re in the penalty box your actually in good company. Most of the hospital systems have been on each side of the penalty box during the acute care reforms.


A major influence on home health efficiency, nursing labor patterns, and systematic OASIS assessment processes, have remained at best unchanged in the scheme of home health care delivery over the past two decades.  

Systematized efficiencies in clinical practice that parallel the usual and customary “best practices” of the rest of the Medicare certified continuum easily produce margins equal to the early days of PPS, and can easily be used as recruitment and retention tools for RN’s


So while your benchmarking processes may have failed, and that’s not a surprise; the creation of the OASIS data absent a systematized approach is what left your Achilles heel uncovered.

Scribing the OASIS Assessment coupled with Live Software assisted QA assures the integrity of the assessment process. If you’re unable to account for how the OASIS assessment was done in the home, your headed back to the penalty zone.

Accountability for the OAISS assessment, and getting it documented in the home is far more important then responding to the benchmarks of the average agencies around you.

History in the Medicare certified care continuum demonstrates that clinical practice patterns are easily shaped by changes in payment systems as those changes drive the need to attain efficiencies of process to survive. History seems to be repeating itself yet again.


Remember, HHVBP is a competition, and the agencies who are in the top 10% of the penalty recipients were those who were very close to being members of the bonus group. The bonus group should be very weary of agencies aggressively seeking their turn to be included in the bonus round next year.

If you’re on the wrong of the bonus equation we'll show you a new path forward.