The High Cost of Low Functional Scores

The cost of an inaccurate functional assessment is high under the new PDGM model.  Understanding how the points work within the OASIS assessment is imperative for your QA department and assessing clinicians. Scoring M1830: bathing as 2-able to bath with intermittent assistance, when a 3-requires assistance throughout, would have been more appropriate will drop the functional score by 10 points! Because M1033: Risk of Hospitalization requires 4 or more items checked to earn points, missing one answer could cost all 11 points.  The table below compare’s the OASIS responses with the points earned.

Clinicians must remember to consider all the following possible functional impairments when determining the correct answer for functional scoring;

  • Physical impairments- ROM, balance
  • Emotional/ cognitive/ behavioral impairments-memory, judgement
  • Sensory impairments- vision, pain
  • Environmental barriers- stairs, storage location
  • And of course, that magic word “SAFELY”

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