PDGM Never Went Away: CMS's Overhaul of Home health is Still Happening

In January, our concerns were not about PPE, COVID-19 or wondering when our referral sources were going to resume elective procedures and start sending patients.Top agencies were working on navigating PDGM, decreasing days to RAP and maintaining excellent patient outcomes.

Now that the country is on the verge of “opening up” we need to refocus on the massive changes PDGM is bringing to home health. If the COVID-19 crisis has made you put off PDGM adaptation, it is time to look back and implement the crucial changes mandated in January 2020.  Home health must also prepare for even more upheaval with the introduction of OASIS-E coming January 2021.

Here are questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Am I managing patient care to ensure best outcomes AND agency profitability?
  • Am I “RAP Ready” in 5 days or Less?
  • Am I ready for OASIS-E?
  • Am I getting the training I need for these changes?

 Here are good places to start:

  • Review evidence-based practices for patient care
  • Identify and correct process bottlenecks
  • Review and update policies and procedures
  • Start learning OASIS E 

PDGM is still affecting your ability to provide patient care and keep your margins intact.In 2021 OASIS-E, elimination of RAP payments, and the proposed 5-day RAP penalty along witha host of other changes are coming our way to complete the overhaul of Medicare funded home health.OperaCare's combination of consulting and technology make it the perfect tool to ensure success in any value-based care model.



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