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OperaCare is the only solution that automates your Quality Assurance.

By automating and standardizing your quality assurance process, your agency will earn more money, recruit and retain the best skilled staff, and always remain in compliance with the latest requirements in Medicare Home Health.

$70,000 a Month

  • $70,000 a month saved on average when an agency transitions to OperaCare’s quality assurance process.

100% of Nurses

  • 100% of nurses that use OperaCare and the PreSURE solution identified a reduction of stress and burnout.

24.19% Reduction

  • In risk to ADR and ZPIC review when using OperaCare.

“I’ve learned more about Medicare Home health in that past two weeks than the previous 10 years. In less than a week, OperaCare has become the primary driver of our QA department. I’m convinced that if we had been using OperaCare previously, we would have avoided this ZPIC audit. Now we don’t submit claims that target us for ADR’s and Audits.”

Tampa, FL

"The Florida ZPIC informed us of the pre-payment review they initiated, so we contacted OperaCare. During the first five days of working with them, our risks were identified patient by patient for the last 12 months, a plan of corrective action was submitted to the ZPIC, we are conversing with the ZPIC, and our ADR’s are being defended in a comprehensive manner.
The ZPIC responded to us within 24 hours of receiving OperaCare’s plan of corrective action. We have a predictable path forward, and cannot imagine any other way to approach this type of situation."

Melbourne, FL

"OperaCare gives me the ability to hold my clinical teams accountable for financial expenditures and risk management. My payroll is down, productivity is up, clinicians are happy, and I’ve regained control of my business."

Greenville, TX

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