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Keep More of What You Earn
- Maximum profit and minimal risk with OPERACARE

Former CMS state OASIS coordinator creates OPERACARE: Successfully exploits the entire PPS system.   Read More...

Rapid Cycle Cash Flow

Confirm RAP submissions within 2-4 hours of the SOC visit. Stabilize outcomes, increase profit margins, and reduce labor costs through patient-centric admissions processes from OPERACARE.
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Proactive ADR Alerts

Oasis scrubbers cannot protect your agency from ADRs. MACs specifically target services with increased potential to be non-covered. Operacare shows you what CMS sees before you submit your claims.
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Recertification Manager

Continuous episode recertifications trigger audits in many ways. Keep your clients eligible for their home health benefits. Learn how to identify recertification at the Start of care, and manage your recertifications with OPERACARE’s proprietary recertification manager.
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Value Based Purchasing

"We've always done it this way" simply doesn't work in a value based payment model. Case mix rebasing and heightened regulatory scrutiny curtails volume of services. Step-by-step outcome creation assures you achieve optimal outcomes with OPERACARE.
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Outcomes Based Marketing

Value Based Purchasing redefines sales and marketing. Transform your team into outcome advocates with Outcome-Based Marketing tools from OPERACARE.
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Acuity Based Staffing

OASIS driven staffing reduces audit risk and assures maximum profitability for each episode with OPERACARE pre-claims analytics.
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